Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation is like returning home, to nourish ourselves with our awareness. Consider the peaceful image of the Buddha and know we too can radiate such peace and stability. We sit upright with dignity and return to our breath. We bring our full attention to what is within and around us. We let our mind become spacious and out heart soften in loving kindness. 

Sitting meditation is very healing. We realise we can simply be with whatever in within; our pain anger and irritation; or our joy, love, and peace. We are with whatever is there.... without being carried away by it. Let it come.... let it stay and then let it go. There is no need to push, to oppress or even to pretend our thoughts are not there. We observe the thoughts and images of our mind with a loving and accepting mind. We are free to be still and calm despite the storms that might arise within.