Yoga at Home - Private Yoga Tuition


For some people attending yoga classes is not a suitable option – perhaps class times don’t suit, work commitments are irregular, someone simply wants to learn yoga on one to one basis, or just wants to learn yoga at home.

Working one on one with an experienced teacher is extremely helpful in developing and deepening ones understanding of Yoga. Taking into account the individual’s goals, needs and abilities – a specific Yoga practice can be designed. While developing a suitable practice, consideration will be given to any injuries or illnesses, whether you are looking to build strength, increase flexibility, heal an injury, improve your health, learn ways to relax or develop your spirituality – all of which can be properly addressed within a private lesson.  As a result a private session could be very dynamic or very restorative depending on what is required and appropriate.

All can benefit from private sessions;  from the very beginner as a way of gaining a good basic understanding and learning proper alignment before joining general classes or for more experienced students as a way of safely learning more advanced postures, breathing exercises or meditations.  It is also a beneficial way of working with injuries by learning to modify certain poses and working with others to allow healing to begin.


Please contact me if you are interested in Yoga at Home private tuition. 

Yoga at Home in Small Groups

It also works very well getting together a small group of friends or family members which creates a relaxed, friendly, supportive and fun environment to practice and develop together. Tuition is provided according to the needs/requirements of the group. There is a considerable cost advantage in this arrangement, as the group can share the teacher’s fee.

If you’re considering to learn yoga at home, through private tuition or in a smaller group of friends or family, please get in touch with me.