Coping with Cancer

Coping with Cancer is a cancer support group for anyone affected by cancer; patients, carers, bereaved and family members. 


I myself have been a carer for my mother who went through breast cancer treatment during 2016.


I understand the importance of yoga, nutrition, gratitude practices, mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and relaxation to help anyone who has been affected by Cancer.  My classes include all of these practices, making each one of them unique, enjoyable and insightful. 


I am offering free classes to anyone who has been affected by cancer. 



Anticancer Diet Information Sheet

A book that I would highly recommend is 'Radical Remission'. The author Kelly Turner travelled around the world interviewing people who have recovered from cancer against all odds. She writes about the healing practices and techniques they used to heal themselves. Incredibly inspiring true stories which we can all learn from.