Before your first consultation I will ask send you a questionnaire via email with a few questions which include a brief medical history, details of your health problems and symptoms, any treatments you have had or are currently having, family history and details of your diet and lifestyle factors etc.


The Initial Consultation


We’ll agree some practical and realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle, nutritional supplements may be recommended, if appropriate. My approach is Holistic so will also recommend some other practices that may help.



After the consultation you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the possible factors underlying your health issues and what, in general, can be done to address them, a list of the actions making up your agreed nutritional programme and any other information that may be useful in helping you to successfully put it into practice.

Follow-up consultations


One or two follow-up consultations are recommended to review progress and to make any necessary changes to your nutritional and lifestyle programme. 


Consultations can be in person, via telephone or via skype or zoom video.

Please contact me if you are interested in a consultation.