Hello and Welcome to Grateful Wellbeing

My name is Falguni and I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Teacher. A qualified Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner.


My journey to learning ways of improving health and wellbeing started many years ago. I had a fascination for Holistic therapies from an early age and over the many years, I used a holistic approach to help me overcome various health and wellness challenges. I used Nutritional therapy, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation practices to help me heal and nurture my body, mind, and spirit, to learn how to live in the present moment and simply to appreciate the gift of life that has been given. 


Grateful Welling is a merging of all these practices, allowing me to share with you beautiful holistic ways to the wellness of body, mind, and spirit.  

Nutrional Therapy


I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist with Clinical Practice training from the Natural Healthcare College. The approach to my training was holistic, using food for health but also incorporating other alternative therapies to improve the general wellness of body, mind and spirit.



I qualified as a Yoga Teacher from Yoga Vidya Gurukul, a Yoga University based in India. It was an intense course but an incredibly enjoyable experience. I came away feeling very proud to be Indian, to come from a land that created such a wonderful holistic system for the body, mind, and spirit.  Here's me sharing a smilely moment with my yoga teacher in India.

Mindfulness Practices


I feel incredibly lucky to have learned about mindfulness from the master of mindfulness Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay), a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist teacher who has been a monk from the age of 16 and is now 94 years old. I have stayed and practised at his retreat centre Plum Village in France many times over the past 15 years and I have been an active member of a mindfulness group for over 10 years and facilitate mindfulness days within the community. Here's me on a Walking Meditation with Thay at Plum Village during the Summer Retreat.

About Me


Born in India, raised in Kenya until the age of 4 then moved to the UK.  I have a great love for travelling and have extensively explored many countries from a very young age. I love learning about different cultures and traditions and my camera travels with me everywhere I go.  I love photography and you will see many of my favourite photos throughout this website and my Grateful Wellbeing YouTube channel.  


I started out a Mathematician at University, then worked in Accounts for many years, and now am happy to have set up Grateful Wellbeing, to be teaching and passing on the practices for wellbeing that I have learned over the many years.


I've always been a vegetarian and my deep respect and love for animals, wildlife and nature comes through in everything I do and teach. I absolutely love walking in nature and have a great passion for gardening.  Astronomy has also been a great love of mine since childhood as well as natural history. I love learning and being creative. I try and bring the same enthusiasm, fun, and creativity into all of the Grateful Wellbeing practices that I teach.  

Organisations and groups Grateful Wellbeing have been involved with:


* Loughborough Library 

*  Age UK

* Coping with Cancer

* Loughborough Cancer Self Help Group 

* Asian Community groups based in Loughborough

* Human Rights & Equalities Charnwood 

Active Together - Sports England

* The Bridge 

Grateful Wellbeing Holistic Packages


I offer one-to-one or group sessions which incorporate all the practices under the Grateful Wellbeing umbrella. Yoga, Nutritional Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation.

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